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About FAST


FAST is the market leader in developing innovative machine vision systems in Asia.

Since 1982, FAST has continued to advance the technology of image processing systems, not only in recognition of shapes and colors, but also in the processing and analysis of that information.

Early on, FAST pioneered a compact, lightweight and low-cost (under one million yen) image processing system. It also developed the first practical application in Asia using high-speed, gray-scale pattern matching.

FAST has been making breakthroughs in image processing technology ever since, including advanced aligner algorithms, high-performance positioning search libraries and flat panel inspection systems. Recently, FAST has developed a non-destructive inspection system for concrete structures, attracting attention from around the world.

Today, FAST systems and technology are used across a wide array of industries, from roads and construction to electronics and semiconductors. We are committed to developing a deep understanding of image processing technology and its application. Headquartered in Kanagawa , Japan, FAST operates 5 offices in 3 countries and serves more than 1800 corporations worldwide.

í┌Capitalí█ ¥100,000,000
í┌President and Representative Directorí█ Yorio Sakamoto
í┌Employeesí█ 101 ( 2020 í╦
í┌Average Ageí█ 46
í┌Business Descriptioní█ Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and maintains machine vision systems.
Headquarters Kanagawa Japan
Business Offices Kanagawa Japan
Offices in Asia Korea , China
Sales Offices Osaka , Chubu
Please click here for contact information of each office.
í┌Financial Institution Partnersí█

Bank of Yokohama
í┌Clientsí█ Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., KOMORI Corporation, Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd., SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, MITSUBOSHI DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., YKK Corporation, Canon Inc., LG Display Co., Ltd, Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd, Hyundai Motor Company, TPK Touch Solutions Inc., Foxconn International Holdings Ltd, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, Built-in Precision Machine Co., Ltd, AU Optronics Corp. and many more
Founded in Yamato City, Kanagawa as Creative Systems.
Moved Headquarters to Yokohama City.
Opened Osaka Office.
Changed the company name to FAST Corporation.
Opened SHONICS in Korea.
Built new Headquarters in Yamato City, Kanagawa.
Opened Fast (shanghai) Imaging Technology in China.
Opened Sagami Factory in Ayase City, Kanagawa.
Opened Tokyo Office in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
Moved Sagami Factory to Headquarters and changed the name to Headquarters Factory.
,Opened Nagoya Office in Nagoya City, Aichi.
Moved Tokyo Office to Headquarters.
,Opened Expat Office in Bangkok, Thailand.
Moved Osaka Sales Office.
Becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE LIMITED.
Nagoya Office moved to Okazaki City, Aichi and renamed Chubu Office.