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Privacy Policy

Established: October 1, 2005
Masakatsu Makino
Chief Executive Officer
FAST Corporation

FAST Corporation (FAST) considers privacy an important issue, so FAST has established the act on the protection of personal information and other relevant regulations to implement and maintain the protection management continuously.

1.Appropriate Management

FAST ensures the appropriate management of personal information and constructs the framework for protecting personal data.

2.Announcement of Intended Purpose

FAST collects personal information by appropriate methods. Except where required by laws and so forth, FAST will disclose intended purpose and contact information to use personal information exclusively within the bounds of the stated purpose.

3.Use of Personal Information

Except where required by laws and so forth, FAST announces beforehand the purpose of use, or FAST uses personal information within a published intended purpose or a relevant purpose for executing the work. In some cases, FAST delegates the management of personal information to contractors, FAST strictly constrains their authority over this information by signing contracts where protection of personal information is clearly and thoroughly stated.

4.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

FAST properly manages personal information collected from customers. FAST never provides personal information to a third party without permission from the owner.

5.Respect for the Rights of Disclosure, Correction, Disconnection and Deletion of Personal Information

FAST respects customer's right regarding their personal information. In complying with the law, FAST responds to inquiries from customers, such as announcement, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, disconnection or cessation of provision to a third party without delay.

6.Safety Measure

FAST implements appropriate safety measures to prevent and remedy unauthorized access to or leak, loss or damage of personal information.

7.Improve and Maintain Conservation and Management of Personal Information

FAST supervises employees (including temporary staff) and outsourcing contracts that handle personal information in order to improve and maintain conservation and management of personal information.

8.Compliance with Regulations

FAST complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information.

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