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FAST develops a high performance and high accuracy image processing system for workpiece alignment. Using image information, FV-aligner series performs XY¶» correction to put a workpiece in reference position using a three-axis table or a four-axis table. The system is especially great for alignment of panel workpieces. The FV-aligner series can dramatically reduce cost and time necessary to launch operation. Its image processing system automatically recalibrates for camera angle / position changes or any table modifications.



High-functional and high-precision positioning system. Using image information, FV-aligner performs XY¶» correction to put a workpiece in reference position.



FV-aligner≠∂° Standard Version with New Software°ň

New positioning system with reconstructed software. For higher accuracy of calibration with many pre-processing filters.



FV-aligner/FV-aligner≠∂° for High-Resolution Camera°ň

Connectable with high-resolution camera such as 5 million pixels to perform the high-resolution positioning.



FV-aligner° for 5 Cameras°ň

Connectable with 5 cameras.



FV-aligner° for Multiple Stages°ň

Connectable with multiple stages.