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FAST Core technology

With advanced technology, FAST has achieved great success in establishing a function criterion-library, including capabilities such as gray search, to support inspection, recognition and measurement. To meet clients' demands, FAST is developing an application criterion-library, which includes industry-specific image processing algorithms.



Image Processing Technology Basic image processing algorithms which are used for appearance check, feature measurement, form recognition, 3D processing, color processing and image quality improvement processing. These technologies form the foundation of FAST core technologies and FAST has been actively working on developing and improving algorithms.
Software Technology The useful software for image processing with C/C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic and assembler. With having Active-X and class concept for reusability, it is compatible with multithread/multicore to realize high-speed processing.
Hardware Technology FAST develops image input, image processing and IO boards. With using FPGA, DSP and general-purpose CPU, low-power consumption, compact and high-speed machines are available.
System and Embedded Technology FAST is creating own DB system and mission-critical system such as intranet. These technologies have been used for software optimization, PC network for image processing or the ASP business. FAST also has the acceleration technology with GPU and Cell processor. Furthermore, FAST is providing the road profiling and analysis service.
Patent FAST is pursuing the patents for our own algorithms such as positioning methods and pattern recognitions.