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FAST Solution technology

FAST provides a wide variety of image processing products and support services to meet customers' need, from positioning systems, appearance check and component measurement to crack extraction systems. FAST also provides total supports such as offering solutions, image processing evaluation of sample work pieces, selection of cameras and lenses or machine maintenance after installation.



aligner Aligner For Positioning Objects
Pixellence Pixellence For Lighting Inspection of Intermittent Moving Objects
Flowence Flowence For Printing Surface Inspection of Continuously-moving Objects
traceri tracer For Crack Detection
kouzii SPICE For Small Component Inspection and Measurement
3D 3D For 3D Image Processing
3D Reader For Character/1D/2D/Specific Code Reading
Libraryi Library For Developing Application Software
PCBoard PC & Board For Developing Application Software
Support Support We Provide Total Supports from Design, Development, Sales to Customer Support.