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FAST Core Technology

With advanced technology, FAST has achieved great success in establishing a function criterion-library, including capabilities such as gray search, to support inspection, recognition and measurement. Furthermore, as the application of image processing technology becomes more common, there's a growing need to support this discipline without expert knowledge. To meet these demands, FAST is developing an application criterion-library, which includes industry-specific image processing algorithms.

FAST's Core Technology and know-how in automation systems are serving the needs of customers in many fields. As breakthroughs in automation are achieved, FAST will be leading the charge and meeting the challenges of the future.


Core Technology Technological Use
Preprocess Alignment Classification Measurement Inspection Recognition Distinction Matching
Quality of Picture Improvement              
Edge Detection              
Morphological Operation              
Special Binarization              
Fourier Transform      
Wavelet Transform      
Color Processing      
Robust Estimation          
Hough Transform for Line and Circle Extraction          
Binary Image Analysis        
Normalized Correlation        
Geometric Hashing        
KL Transform        
Genetic Algorithm      
Neural Network      
Fuzzy Theory      
Projective Geometry          
Adaptive Relaxation Method            
Probabilistic Relaxation Method            
Computational Geometry        
Vector Field Theory            
Multivariate Analysis    
Lighting Technology    
Optical Technology  
Motion Control Technology              
Application Service Provider Technology