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Description of the FAST Business

Flat Panel Display

As demand increases for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and plasma display panels (PDPs), quality and consistency must be maintained. It is getting more difficult for conventional methods, such as visual inspection, to meet this demand due to inspector fatigue and larger size panels. With FAST's image processing technology, it is possible to accurately and quickly perform FPD lighting inspection or defect inspection for stains or nonuniformity.

Lighting Inspection


Projects various patterns on the flat panel display with the pattern generator by applying current to the electrode. Check if the pattern is displayed as applicable, grayscale is normal or stains and nonuniformity are detected.

Inspection for Stains and Nonuniformity

Detect inspection for stains or nonuniformity on planar objects. Possible to produce a quantifiable result.

Particle Inspection

Particle inspection for films, coated glasses substrates, covers before laminating, FPD, CCD, CMOS and sealed glasses.

Application Examples:

  • COG Mounter
    FAST positioning systems have been used in recognizing a gap to correct the position of IC when mounting the IC on the LCD.
  • Prober
    FAST positioning systems have been used in finding and correcting the position of probe pins during the lighting inspection.

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