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Description of the FAST Business

Food & Medicine

To ensure safe food production, inspection is a must. Inspecting processed foods for foreign substances using X-rays, a common practice, has limited effectiveness. It is especially difficult for X-rays to detect substances such as hair. Image processing is a promising technology in the future of food inspection, and can overcome many of these limitations. Currently, image processing technology is simply used in basic visual inspection or manufacture-date inspection of food or medicine packages.

Shape and Number Inspection for Tablets

Checks the shape of tables and counts the number of tables. Possible to extract a result even tablets are laying on top of each other.

Color Inspection for Tablets

Recognizes tablet's color to discriminate from others.

Application Examples:

  • Foreign Substance Inspection
    FAST general-purpose image processing systems, libraries and flat panel inspection systems have been used in detecting shards of glass or malignant microbe.
  • Accessory Inspection
    FAST's general-purpose image processing systems, libraries and color image processing software have been used in checking the number of bags of ingredients for instant noodles.
  • Production Date Inspection
    FAST's general-purpose image processing systems and libraries have been used in recognizing manufacturing date on labels, packages and boxes.

Other Solutions:

  • Label Inspection
  • Labeling Position Inspection
  • Sheet Width Measurement
  • Goods Shortage Inspection
  • Bottle Inspection