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Description of the FAST Business

Roads & Constructions

Concrete cracks and flaking in roadways, tunnels, bridges and railways increase the risk of accidents. To mitigate those risks, periodic measurement and analysis of deterioration are a must. There is a growing need for mechanization of inspections replacing manual procedures. FAST developed automatic non-destructive inspection IP systems for concrete structures.

Concrete Structures Inspection

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By inputting actual dimension of objects, it sorts by crack width to extract data automatically. You can also add and edit damage information of flaking and free lime.

Road Profiling Inspection

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Image processing technology has been used in detecting cracks on the paved roads. FAST provides efficient and high-quality analysis systems and management service.

Air-Voids Analysis in Hardened Concrete

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The amount of air and the coefficient of air-void intervals taken from air-void measurement devices are the indexes of concrete’s resistance against freezing and thawing. FAST's systems have been used in identifying air-voids and entrapped air in aggregates.

Application Examples:

  • Bridge Beam Appearance Inspection
    FAST's concrete structure inspection systems have been used in inspecting the cracks' condition on the concrete surface or flaking inside the tunnel with infrared rays.

Other Solutions:

  • Tunnel Inspection
  • Roadside Information Inspection
  • Concrete Structure Inspection