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FAST provides a variety of products and services to meet customers' needs, from image processing libraries and general-purpose image processing systems to highly specialized systems such as aligners and flat panel inspection systems.

Products Categories

General-Purpose Image Processing Systems


By combining FAST system hardware with application software, customers can configure applications for personalized solutions.



Image Processing Libraries

Image-processing libraries that have been enhanced efficiency of development process and operational ability.



Grabber Boards

Frame grabber boards for use with FAST application software and general-purpose image processing systems.




Positioning Systems


FV-aligner series performs XY¶» correction to put a workpiece in reference position using a three or four-axis table.



Flat Panel Inspection Systems

Ideally suited to inspecting the surfaces of flat workpieces or detecting flaws or foreign particles on flat glass, films, or metal surfaces.



Printing Surface Inspection Systems

For detecting defects, such as missing letters and dirty or foreign materials on printing surfaces.



3D Vision


FAST develops systems for 3D recognition/measurement/inspection with various methods. For instance, the Light-Section Methiod with laser or the time of flight (TOF) camera method.



Non-Destructive Inspection Systems

Measurement and analysis systems for detecting faults in architectural structures such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, dams, buildings and plants.