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Description of the FAST Business


With the diffusion of DTP (Desk Top Publishing) and diversification and digitalization of the printing process, advanced proofing technology is required now more than ever. Our high-speed and high-precision image processing technology allows detecting defects, such as missing letters and dirty or foreign materials on the printing surfaces. Additionally, color control and tone determination inspection systems are available. By introducing FAST Vision Error Finder, or FV-ERR finder, in the Desk Top Publishing, Digital Direct Color Proofing and Computer To Print processes, our system will streamline and improve the quality of your printing.

Binarization of Shading Images


Binarizes images with shading to detect chipped or scratched parts.

Printing Quality Evaluation

During the experiment

Detects missing parts, ink splash and chipped parts.

Character Recognition

During the experiment

Recognizes characters on the printing materials. Possible to inspect ones with distortion or shading.

Application Examples:

  • Gravure Printing Quality Evaluation
  • Web Offset Printing Quality Evaluation
  • Rotary Label Printing Quality Evaluation
    FAST's printing surface inspection systems can inspect missing letters and dirty or foreign materials on printing surfaces by using 3CCD line cameras and image processing boards.

Other Solutions:

  • Print Quality Inspection
  • Multilayer Printed Board Surface Inspection
  • Flexible Board Surface Inspection
  • Koa Surface Inspection
  • Roll Paper Quality Inspection